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What is Rooted?

Welcome to Rooted and the next chapter of your story!


Who is God? How does God speak to us? Where is God in the midst of suffering? How do we grapple with fact that we’re not living in a benign world? How can we make the most of our lives? How does God view money? Why and how should we talk with others about God? Why is the church so incredibly important? 


These are the topics we will explore in Rooted. If you’re looking for an experience that will be a catalyst for real life-life-change, then a Rooted small group is a great place to be. Rooted provokes questions, stimulates important conversations, and invites us into stretching group experiences that are designed to help us locate our story more clearly in God’s story. Through the 12-weeks of Rooted you will begin to see God in new ways and hear His voice in surprising places. In a world that can be so incredibly fragmented, isolated, and empty, Rooted allows us to experience a different way of life. We want to invite you into deeper community, a greater intimacy with God, and to a life of growing generosity to others.


New Rooted small groups start on Wednesday, January 29, 2020.

Spring 2020 Rooted Brochure

Download the Spring 2020 Rooted brochure to learn more.

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Review a Sample of the Rooted Curriculum

Take a look at the Bible studies for one week in this 12-week experience. Rooted is a significant commitment. We want to be up-front about that, but anything worth doing involves a certain amount of sacrifice. During this experience, you will go through various individual exercises (daily Bible and commentary reading, journaling, and prayer) and then meet weekly in your groups to talk about what you have learned. You will be surprised what happens when your group gathers and begins to honestly share. What God is doing in the group soon becomes the curriculum as the Holy Spirit moves people to open up and share personal stories and feelings. This is where transformation happens.

There are three additional experiences designed to deepen some of the areas we explore. We’ll pray and fast together, share our faith, and serve together. On top of these experiences, we’ll also discuss where we are in our journey with Jesus. No matter where you stand in your relationship with Jesus at the beginning of Rooted, there is always room to move forward. For some of us that may mean deciding for the first time to follow Jesus and/or getting baptized. For others it will mean letting go of the things of this world to follow His call more courageously. These kinds of defining moments will mean your life will never be the same. After our 12 weeks together, we’ll join with all the other Rooted groups to celebrate the journey.

Come with an open heart and mind, and see how God will surprise you!

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Spring 2018 Rooted Small Groups