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 Laundry Love 

What is Laundry Love?

Laundry Love consists of regular opportunities to assist people who are struggling financially by helping them wash their clothes. Laundry Love seeks to bring economic relief to individuals and families.By paying to wash and dry the clothes of our guests who are living in shelters, motels, cars, garages, on the street or in one of our local parks we help them redirect funds toward food, medical expenses, transportation costs, school supplies and other basic, everyday necessities. For those living below the poverty line, washing clothes presents both a logistical problem and a financial hardship. In partnership with a local laundromat in Waimanalo, we hope to serve these valuable members of our community in the Name of Jesus.

How Do I Sign-Up for Laundry Love?

Each Laundry Love participant must have an individual registration. Follow the instruction in the "Volunteer" column on this page. Please make sure you watch the Laundry Love Training Video on this page.


Get ready to have fun!

Want to Support Laundry Love?

We'd be happy to receive the spare change you find between the cushions of your sofa, in that bowl on the kitchen counter or the coins in your pockets and turn them into clean clothes for our friends in Waimanalo. Drop off your spare change (we'll take spare bills and checks, too) in the laundry tub at First Prez on Sunday morning. You can also contact Pastor Tim Shaw at tim@fpchawaii.org or 808;532.1117 if you would like to make a donation. Thank you!

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Laundry Love Training Video


Step 1 
Navigate through the calendar using the arrows next to the month and year.
Step 2
Click on "Register Now" once you've selected a date.
Step 3
Follow directions on the Eventbrite registration page. If a date is not available, please add your name to the waitlist or select another date. Most months people on the waitlist end up serving at Laundry Love.